If You Must be a Romantic

“She loved us more than all the named things in the world.” –Wild, Cheryl Strayed

If you must be a romantic (which you will be if you have even the slightest hint of my DNA), be a romantic about the things that are ordinary to most. Be a romantic about Shakespearean plays, or cooking with a record playing and a glass of wine, or the scent of the air when a summer thunderstorm is coming your way.

Be a romantic about the things that bring you unexplainable joy to your heart, such as the way certain music makes you feel all the way down to your bones, the feel of wet grass on your bare feet at night during the summer time, or the thought of people showing kindness and grace to everyone they meet.

I will not tell you what to do, but I will tell you my hopes for you. And my hopes for you are so many. I hope that, if you must be a romantic, you will not place your whole entire heart in someone else’s hands… that you might save some of it for yourself. It can be tragic if someone takes your heart and shatters it, as it can take a lifetime to fully (and truly) repair. If you must be a romantic, and this happens to you, my hope is that you are able to think more logically than romantically, and you will know that you will, in the end, be just fine.

If you find yourself in such a predicament (because those who must be romantics often do), take all the time that you need for yourself until you are feeling free again. Take a trip somewhere completely random and magical, alone. Pick up a map, close your eyes, and point. Do exactly what you want to do while you are there. Take yourself on dates to try new foods, go see movies you want to see, alone, and laugh, cry, or cover your eyes alongside some strangers. Explore a city with no particular itinerary. See what you stumble upon. Learn something new. Try a new hairstyle. Give your heart back to yourself. Be gentle and patient with yourself.

But do remember, if that happens, your heart will never be the same. And that’s okay… because it will be stronger and wiser. Know that all things must evolve- it is necessary. Lean into it; Don’t resist it.

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